You Want A Tucson Agent That Listens First

Dated: 01/20/2017

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Once you know how much house you can afford and the general parameters of what you are looking for, the next step is to select an Real estate agent to represent you.  

Image titleIt is important that you spend a little time getting to know that agent so you can assess the level of expertise he/she brings to the table: searching for homes that match your criteria, knowing all the documentation needed for a particular property purchase, crafting the offer that puts you in the best light, negotiating on your behalf. Personality and people skills come into play as well: what level of energy conveyed through conversation? is the agent listening well to what your needs and wants are?

You also want a strong level of rapport because you’re going to be spending some time together and speaking to each other frequently throughout the process.  You want your agent to educate you on the process and offer guidance in the areas that you are not familiar with.  You want to feel comfortable in expressing your concerns, asking questions and asking for advice. You’re going to be team mates for a while, you have to be comfortable in the relationship.

In a general buyer consultation session you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your wants, needs, desires, must haves and can’t stands. You’ll discuss the location you’re looking for and other factors of importance to you like distance to work, family or schools. Based on location, the conversation should touch upon the type of housing that is commonly found in the area, style, size and age.

The agent should give you feedback as to what the current market looks like so you can form realistic expectations of what housing inventory looks like in that area, how competitive the market may be at that time and how long it may take you to find the home you’re looking for.

This is your time to ask questions, obtain answers, learn about the home buying process and the value of working with a real estate professional.

  • What can an agent provide for you throughout the buying process?

  • What are the responsibilities of the agent to you as a customer?

  • How do responsibilities and duties change once you become a client?

  • Do you know what the transaction timeframes may be?

  • Do you know what your due diligence responsibilities are?

As the buyer, you have a very active role in this process and it is best that you are prepared so you can make educated, effective and efficient decisions as the process unfolds. The better prepared you are the smoother the process.

By the end of the consultation you should have a good idea of whether or not you get along with the agent or if you should find someone else. If you have had your questions answered to your satisfaction, have a clear understanding of what the strategy that will be used for finding your home, have established a genuine rapport and know how you can communicate with each other, then you should be well on your way to finding the agent that can help you find your new home.

Maria Trujillo

Selling or buying a home is more than just a transaction—it’s a life changing experience for you! That’s why providing you exceptional, personalized service is imperative. By understanding you....

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