Home Construction Types in Tucson

Home Construction Types in Tucson

There are six construction types you’ll find to be popular in houses for sale in Tucson; slump block, brick, adobe (found in mostly older homes), burnt adobe, frame stucco, and concrete block. When considering purchasing a Tucson home, you should think about not only the appearance of the home, but how well insulated it is, and what price you will pay for the construction type you choose.

slump-blockTucson Slump Block Home

Slump block houses are composed of concrete blocks with a rounded face that give the appearance of handmade adobe. Homes with that look are especially popular in the Southwestern United States, including Tucson. Slump block is stronger, heavier, more durable, and requires lower maintenance than adobe or burnt adobe.

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BrickTucson Brick Home

Brick costs about 5% more than other construction materials because of its benefits. Brick doesn’t dent, need paint, get eaten by termites, get destroyed by typical Arizona monsoon storms, mold or rot. Brick is also energy efficient due to the fact that it keeps the outside temperatures outside and the inside temperatures inside.

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adobe-1Tucson Adobe Home

Adobe homes are made out of adobe, a natural material made of a fibrous material (such as straw), sand, water, and clay. They are shaped by hand or by using frames and left in the sun to dry. Adobe is very durable and can last for many years but is also known to not withstand earthquakes very well. In the Southwest US, earthquakes are very uncommon, therefore making adobe homes popular here. With the emergence of a greater awareness of green building, adobe has gained popularity as it uses very little, if any, of our planet’s finite resources.

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burnt-adobeTucson Burnt Adobe Home

Burnt adobe is created in much the same was as adobe bricks, but they are also baked in an oven as a final step. It is surprisingly well-insulated, although it has the same susceptibility to water as the adobe home has. If cared for properly and kept dry, it can be a very good building material for Tucson or other southwest cities. Many Tucson homes are built with burnt adobe as many people find the look to be quite attractive.

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stuccoTucson Frame Stucco Home

Frame stucco is popular as well especially in more recent years, but mostly because of its price. Frame stucco walls are composed of a wood frame structure. The outside is then covered with a wire lath and stucco. It’s cheaper than other construction types, but it isn’t very strong and repairs may have to be made if something hits the walls, like your children’s Frisbee or the neighbor’s soccer ball. It also has almost no insulation value of its own so insulation must be added to the walls before completing the interior.

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Tucson Concrete Block HomeTucson Concrete Block Home

Although not as common as other construction types, Concrete block is also seen regularly in Tucson homes for sale. Concrete block is stronger than poured concrete for foundations and basement walls (although basements are rare in the Tucson area). It is also fairly quick to build as the blocks are already formed. A sturdy and long lasting construction type, it is more expensive than a frame house would be. It also has a modern industrial look which some people really enjoy. Others cover the outside with stucco or other material to give a different aesthetic appeal.

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